Zoltan Sebestyen is an Eastern European storyteller/songwriter & bass player from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. An enigmatic artist with a sensitive lyricism, his songs are built on poetic lyrics with a strong spiritual dimension.


YesWeDo is his first project. Its debut album, The Missed Sanctification, got released in 2015 by Hunnia Records (HU). It's an alternative metal album with a deeply personal narrative, with lyrics that permeate the most intimate areas of the self: struggles of faith & sin, the loss of a loved one, nonconformism as a statement, love and other emotional adversities. Music-wise it is a various material: from heavy riffs and progressive elements to alternative rock textures, even piano-based ballads.

The Missed Sanctification was recorded at SuperSize Recording (HU) in 2014 with the contribution of two session musicians: Richard Bordea (RO) - guitars and Adam Marko (HU) of Special Providence - drums.



ZØLTAN is the second project of Zoltan Sebestyen, an Art Pop project with poetic lyrics. It incorporates the sounds of contemporary urban culture, such as the 'sounds of heritage': pop/electropop elements and symphonic orchestral arrangements.

With its debut single, Daca dragostea e oarba (If Love Is Blind), he participated in the Romanian national selection for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest and he made it into the semi-finals. Later in the same year he released the project's second song, Sunt aici (Here I Am), as a declaration of intention.

December 6, 2019 marks the release of Black Christmas, the first single from a 6 tracks Ep that will be out in the first quarter of 2020. This song speaks about a highly sensitive subject: the dark emotional ride of someone who remains alone for Christmas and has to battle depression and even sucidal thoughts. Black Christmas could be 'the little brother' of Szomorú vasárnap (composer: Rezső Seress)/Gloomy Sunday - it became well known throughout the English-speaking world after the release of a version by Billie Holiday in 1941 -, but there's a difference...

Between Szomorú vasárnap/Gloomy Sunday and Black Christmas there's an essential difference: in the latter the main character takes a stand against sinking in the arms of despair. His words from the bridge section of the song are words of triumph, the triumph of life over the temptation of suicide:

You won't take me,
you won't break me...
Grief is your kingdom
and I won't wear your crown!

Black Christmas is here to be of help to all who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts during Christmas time. Of course, there's no song which could replace specialized help, counseling and support - our recommendation, too.

August 21, 2020 marks the release of Hey World the second single from a next Ep. Through its video it reflects on the need for perseverance & resistance on the part of independent artists in the Covid-19 context.

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